8/5/15: A New Orbit

I know I’ve been gone again for a while. I really do try to write- I open a ‘New Post’ tab at least once a week, stare at the screen for a while, and eventually go to bed. It drives me crazy, but I literally cannot think of anything to put onto my digital paper.

I realized that the problem is how I’ve branded this blog for the last six months. Having gained all my popularity (if you can call it that) from Tiny Buddha, I assumed the role of a spiritual guide and self-help writer. Yes, I sometimes share my fiction, but the heart of this blog has been writing for an older audience about universal struggles in life.

I love writing about struggles and overcoming them. It’s one of my favorite things to write about- but the key words are “one of”. I feel that I’ve become trapped in a one-trick-pony role and exhausted my wealth of self-help advice. At least, exhausted it for now.

When I open a ‘New Post’ tab, a part of me claws out, wanting to write experimental fiction and share songs and photographs and aspects of teenage-hoof that aren’t so growth oriented. There are days when I just want to write about going through high school every day and the relationships I have that may not be relatable to all of you lovely people.

So, Pluto is beginning a track on a new orbit. This was a hard decision to make, especially because having a wealth of responsive followers is such a blessing. This isn’t to say that you should all press that unfortunate button at the top of your screen labelled ‘unfollow’; I’m only informing you that in order to stay true to my mission in starting a blog (to write about what I care about), my focus will be shifting from pure self-help to a more well-rounded account of what it means for me to be me, a high school student with an overdose of passion and a desire to share it with anyone who wants to listen.

If you want to see some experimental fiction, photographs, accounts of the more mundane aspects of being a teenager, and hear my songs, listen to my qualms about growing up, and follow me through the college process and beyond, stay tuned. I will be more loyal to this blog starting now. I’ll still write some self-help, but it will be more sprinkled and less frosted on my metaphorical cake of a blog.

If Pluto’s Journal no longer sounds like your place to sit back, relax, and read something you are interested in, I guess this is a goodbye. You’ve all been incredible and given me so much confidence to continue to write and make a splash in the world. I don’t know where I’d be today without you all. I just know that I need to be true to my passions and interests in this blog, and that’s truly what you all deserve to read.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading, and hopefully I’ll hear from you all again soon. Prepare for a more authentic and detailed account of what it means to be me; not a monk, not a guru, not even an amateur therapist. Just a teenage girl who has a hint of maturity and a lot of thoughts and art to share with you.


7 thoughts on “8/5/15: A New Orbit

  1. Good on you for owning that you want to change direction! 🙂
    I’m certainly happy to keep following and I get the feeling a lot of others will feel the same way

    Looking forward to the journey Ave!


    1. Thank you very much. I don’t feel that I’ve been someone “else” on this blog, but what I write doesn’t always reflect what I want to be writing at any given time, so that’s where I’m trying to shift. Thanks!


  2. Well done on finding the strength and courage to go in the direction that you feel right! I can certainly relate to the associated feeling of uncertainty… I’m sure the quality of your posts will only continue to improve as you begin to feel free to write whatever you are passionate about 🙂


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