12/6/14: The LA Coast in Pictures

A few months ago, my dad and I took a trip up to Los Angeles, but never quite made it into the city. We instead explored the infamous Venice Beach and Santa Monica. I am by no means a professional photographer or even close, but it’s one of my more enjoyable hobbies. I was rather pleased with the quality of the photos from this trip, so without further ado…









From top:

1. A huge display of colorful sunglasses in a street-side booth in Venice beach

2. Walking down to the pier in Santa Monica. I absolutely loved the skirt of the woman walking in front of me (who I believe was from Spain), covered in sunflowers, so I had to take a picture.

3. The ferris wheel on the Santa Monica pier

4. A seagull sitting on the rail of the pier. This guy was such a poser. He just stood there patiently, eyeing as me and several others took his picture.

5. The view from the ground of a seagull flying overhead on the pier

6. The pier supports, covered in barnacles where high tide hits

7. The entrance to the Santa Monica pier at dusk, all lit up

8. A man walking through a flock of seagulls in Venice beach.

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