Inception: 12/1/14

Believe it or not, inception is a real word, not just a movie. It means the beginning.

Nice to kind-of, sort-of meet you. I’m Avery, an unusually small female from California. I’m in high school (my intellectual and spiritual prime, no doubt). I spend most of my time being a student and playing soccer and my beloved guitar. And, in my other spare time, I sporadically start novels and blogs that never get off the ground or past page 3. Here’s to hoping I pursue this one, not only because I love the domain name, but because I desperately need a foundation through which I can funnel my creative energy and unending thoughts about our universe and everyone in it.

This is not a specifically focused blog. Yes, I’m a teenage girl, so a portion of my posts will likely revolve around teenage-girl-esque endeavors. However, if that was all, this would be not only one-in-a-million teenage girl blogs, but utterly boring and pointless. So I’ve decided to spice things up a bit. I’m an academic (a total nerd) and I like to ponder science and math and literature quite frequently and pretentiously. Despite the science, I am also in the process of developing a faith that so far is centered around Eastern religions (mainly Buddhism), so I want to explore that as well. Maybe I should have been born during the Romantic era, because I’m an optimist and concepts of universal love and nature appeal to me and I will spend time writing about those extensively. And, of course, because staying on predetermined topics is boring, I will write about basically anything I so choose. Maybe I’ll write one in Spanish. Or from the perspective of an endangered frog. Not only will I write, but I’m also a little obsessed with my camera and the magic of Photoshop, drawing, and music. Who doesn’t love multimedia compilations? (Hopefully not you!)

Thank you for reading. I know that this is all so far, but please tune in (someday I’ll have a radio show, just wait) in the future or subscribe for future posts that will be coming shortly!

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